The skills we have in the team at Bostin Technology provide our building blocks for what we do. Our wide experience can be applied to any number of requests we see from day to day. Whether you are looking for a full design or just extra resources to accelerate your development activity Bostin Technology is right for you.

Hardware Design

Designing electronic hardware is one of the cornerstones of our skill-set. A wide knowledge of the components available in the market allows us to select the best solution at the right price.

Firmware Development

Firmware is that level of software that touches the hardware. It's critical to embedded systems that frequently don't use an operating system. Firmware is tightly linked to the hardware and achieving efficient trade-offs between the two is a skill-set in its own right. Something that comes with the years of experience we have at Bostin Technology.

Low Power Radio

Many systems sit is a lonely environment away from power supply or any maintenance. These systems collect data and report everything back using Low-Power radio communications. We have designed many systems that report their data using very little power from the battery or solar cell.

Low-Power Design/
Maximising Battery Life

Many remote systems run from a battery or from energy scavenged from the environment (solar cells being the most common). This is only possible with a system optimised to make the most use of the energy available and to control when that energy is used.

Cloud Based Applications

Its common to want to communicate with your remote systems to collect data and control what is happening. You may need a mobile phone application or access from a web browser. We have used Amazon Web Services to deliver these solutions to our customers.

Raspberry Pi Development

Over the years we have done a lot of work with the Raspberry Pi. Its a great little workhorse that can speed time-to-market in a cost-effective way. The Pi can form the backbone of many solutions.

System Design

OK, so we haven't designed a Mars Rover but we have designed complete systems with many different elements. Making all the elements work together in the most efficient way is a skill worth having.