Bostin Technology are a team of experienced electronics engineers. We offer electronics engineering services to our customers.

Over the years Bostin Technology has gained a great deal of experience designing products based on modern electronics. We would like to tell you more about all of the neat products we have created but we usually work in confidence with the customer so the details will have to remain secret.

Familiar with electronic engineering, then take a look at our Skill-Set to see where our capabilities lie.

If you have a great product idea and wonder how we could help take a look at how we can take an Idea to a Product.

NB-IoT and LoRa

Recently posted research notes on which technology suits which applications. Compares the 2 technologies to enable a selection to be made.

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Complete Expertise, from Top......

If you are looking for a complete solution Bostin Technology has extensive experience in developing finished products for customers. We can easily take a wish list or specification and turn it into a finished product. With so many possibilities we

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... To Bottom

The skills we have in the team at Bostin Technology provide our building blocks for what we do. Our wide experience can be applied to any number of requests we see from day to day. Whether you are looking for

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Elegant Technology

Engineering Snap is a light-hearted look at some of the aspects of the engineering world that may have passed you by. At Bostin Technology we love technology and the solutions that it generates. Engineering Snap is our way of talking

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