Free Consultation Offer

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We are offering a free consultation to demonstrate how customers can benefit from our knowledge and engineering resource. At the end of the consultation customers can decide to move forward or walk away without any bills to pay. It’s a no-risk approach.

Bostin Technology have an extensive skill-set covering the innovative development of electronics-based projects centered around hardware, software, RF communications, low-power consumption and the popular Raspberry Pi.


Complement Your Existing Resources.

Many engineering teams suffer from a lack of resources to get everything done that is on the ‘To Do’ list. Bostin Technology have resources that are available to complement existing in-house resources and increase your bandwidth. Our approach is to enable you to use our resources to build your own skills in house. The goal is to create a solution and leave you with full engineering documentation that would enable further development in the future.

Get a Product to Market

If you have a great product idea but not sure how to proceed then Bostin Technology can help. We have years of experience and many successful products behind us. We can mange the entire process from concept through product launch and full lifetime management.

Take advantage of our skill-set in: –

  • Hardware Design
  • Firmware Development producing fully documented C code.
  • System Architecture Definition
  • Raspberry Pi Development in Python and C. Great for Rapid Prototyping/Proof-of-Concept.
  • Low-Power/Battery Powered Solutions
  • Long Range RF Communications
  • RF Antenna Matching
  • RFID Electronic Tagging

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