If you are looking for a complete solution Bostin Technology has extensive experience in developing finished products for customers. We can easily take a wish list or specification and turn it into a finished product.

With so many possibilities we highlight a few of the previous solutions below.

Remote Monitoring

So many solutions today collect data from remote locations. It could be monitoring environmental data or keeping an eye on animals. These solutions are typically battery powered and often have some way of sending the data back for the user to read in the comfort of their own office.

Remote monitoring systems make use of our skills in low-power electronics and long range communications.

Electronic Tagging

This is commonly referred to RFID. It is simply attaching an electronic identity to something. From time to time the identity is read and this allows the customer to know where that something is.
A widespread example is that most farm animals are often tagged with an electronic ID. Whenever cattle are milked or sheep sheared the tag is read and an electronic record of the event is kept.

Our tagging solutions are based on our experience with RFID. The RFID system may use the data locally or could return the data back to the user via the cloud.

Low-Power Electronics

So many systems now run from batteries that low-power electronics is common. However, if you have a product that needs to run for 1 year or more from a single battery that is out of the ordinary. At Bostin Technology we are used to designing systems that run for more than 1 year without any maintenance at all.

Radio Communications

Radio communications are the way that we bring information from one electronic unit to another. We are all familiar with the mobile phone and how it moves data from the phone to the network when you send an email.
For remote monitoring or RFID the amount of data we send and receive is typically a lot less than the typical phone usage.

We have designed many systems that use low-power radio to report data to a user via the cloud.