Every company has peaks and troughs in their workload. Sometimes it makes sense to isolate an activity and farm it out to someone else leaving you free to get on with other things. Its not that you don’t have the capability, its more about time management.

If you are a typical electronics company designing your products its likely that you have a list of products to develop that far outweighs your engineering resources. You probably have pressure on you to get projects finished so that they can be sold.

Maybe you have had a key engineer resign, get sick or go on maternity leave. That temporary hole in your resources is stopping you get projects finished.

Bostin Technology has years of experience designing products using modern electronics. If only we could post pictures of all of them you would be impressed. Unfortunately, almost everything we do is customised engineering covered by Non-Disclosure agreements.

We aim to leave our customers better off. One of our goals is to ensure we leave you with a well documented project pack allowing your own team to pick up the design at some point in the future. We want you to be independent and knowledgeable about the design we leave you with.

Why not get in touch via Contact. We can start a discussion and draw up a preliminary specification or Statement-of-Work. There are no strings attached. If you don’t like the proposal there is no charge. 

Key Skills
  • Schematic Design
  • PCB Design and Test
  • Driver/Firmware coding
  • Coding in C
  • Low Power/Battery Powered system design
  • Low Power Radio Communications
  • Radio Compliance Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Raspberry Pi coding
  • Cloud Based Applications
  • Production Support