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The Radar HAT for the Raspberry Pi enables the popular Raspberry Pi to become a motion detector based on radar technology. This simple to use HAT mounts on all versions of the Pi. Example software in Python is provided.


The output of the Pi Radar HAT is a signal that is proportional to the speed of the detected object. An object can be detected at a distance up to 15m depending on the size and reflectivity of the target. The output of the Pi Radar HAT is 70Hz per m/s target velocity. A simple frequency counter algorithm on the Raspberry Pi gives the user the speed of the target.


LED indicators show when the Pi Radar HAT is running, monitoring for movement and has recently seen movement.

  • High Sensitivity - Sense moving objects up to 12-15 metres away.
  • Sensitive in both horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Utilises a Low-Power X-Band transceiver.
  • Programmable Sensitivity.
  • Based on Doppler shift
  • Optional Low-Pass Filter to remove noise or slow-moving objects from Detection
  • Sense Digital Signal for Coarse Movement Detection
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter enables the Movement Sensing to be Digitised
  • Fully Compliant with Raspberry HAT Specifications
  • Light Level Sensor