From Idea ................................................. to Product

Anyone can have a great idea at any time. Its what you do with that idea that makes the difference.

Bostin Technology has years of product development experience. Why not combine your idea with our experience and accelerate towards the day when your product starts selling. Bostin Technology has a wide Skill-Set that can form the foundation of new products. We can put these to work in your product idea and build a solution that gets your idea to market and beyond.

Bostin Technology are an ideal partner for electronic/firmware/embedded/RF engineering.


All projects are different but there are some general steps that can be applied. Most projects follow steps that are something like: –

What is needed?
Specs 20%

The first step is to write down what we want to do. This step is often skimmed over but a good, clear specification will speed development.

Show me Something that Works
Develop the Product Idea 40%

Its often hard to visualise the final product from the specification. A working unit that shows the idea is a major milestone in product development.

How do we Make More?
Make it Production Ready 60%

We often get to the first working unit following the fastest path of least resistance. Optimising that design to be made in larger quantities is another major milestone in the product development cycle.

Product Launch
Manufacturing and Testing 80%

This step is setting up manufacturing with a package of information and ensuring that production units are fully tested efficently. Bostin Technology can also help with compliance testing to ensure that the finished product meets regulations around the world.

Innovation Continues
Next Version 100%

Now that you have your product out on the market you will have already thought of what’s next. Maybe its some upgrades to the existing product or maybe its product add-ons that provide greater functionality. Whatever it is, innovation continues.